Yes it is dreadful to say I'm well versed in mental illness.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar I in 2010 and started receiving treatment in 2012.  My bipolar has also lead me to severe depression and anxiety.

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If by writing about mental illness and bipolar I can help even one person not feel alone, then this site has served its purpose.  And in return, your readership is also my community.  Your feedback serves as encouragement to carry on this life long battle I have been tasked with.

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Welcome to my Journey

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder eight years ago.  I have been on medication for six.  I spent that first year struggling with the idea that I had a mental illness.  I questioned the doctor’s diagnosis over and over again.  I also continually asked myself “What would other people think of me?”

Over the course of six years, I grew into my illness and not only accepted it, but embraced it.  Of course there were periods of super highs and dramatic lows; stability and instability over these years.  The good times were good and the bad times sucked.  But I learned a lot about my illnesses and myself. I found that I have more strength than I could ever imagine.

Through all of it, my struggle is real and it is daily.  It’s not something as simple as taking a few medications – it involves strict living, life changes and a great deal of support. There is no magic potion to dissolve this disorder although I wish there was. I have had a few setbacks – snags if you will, over the past few years.  It is how we deal with these snags that keep us alive.  I repeat - Alive.

My wish for anyone reading this that is new to bipolar, please realize that not one shoe fits all.  I fell into depression and anxiety but that doesn’t mean that you will. My snags will be different than your snags.  And you will have snags.

For everyone else reading this, please keep an open mind.  As I’m sure you will.

Regardless of what is promoted within media, workplaces and in our own circles – there is still seems to be an underlying stigma against mental illness.  It’s not something I’m comfortable sharing at work and most definitely not in general conversation.  I have never said “Hey, I’m bipolar and ….”

I do hope that one day we can overcome the stigma by sharing our stories and be heard about how difficult it is to live with this disorder.  After six years, my struggle continues and I want to share my story so that others who suffer do not feel alone. Feelings of those everyday experiences, relationships including friendships are normal.   And some of these shouldn’t be normal – alienation, loneliness, to name a few.


Next Steps...

Read my blogs and tell me what you think.  Please feel free to share this website - the more the word gets out there, the more WE may be able to help others.