My Approach

It's easy - let's talk about it.  I spent the first number of years of my illness pretending I didn't have it and not talking about it.  That was definitely the wrong approach.  There is something more freeing to talking about it and letting others know I have it.

My Story

You will find snippets of stories on this blog site.  Some will make you happy and some will likely anger you as to the treatment I have received.  It's an emotional rollercoaster.  But a story nonetheless that will hopefully help someone else on the road to recovery.

Meet Me

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde.  The Tara going through a high is a lot of fun.  I play a lot of ice hockey and other sports including dirt biking and ATVing.  The Tara in a low cannot get out of bed.  I cry all of the time. Sometimes I can knit or read a book but my ability to concentrate is usually low.

There is a middle ground when on the right medications.  I play some hockey, read a little - enough to get by.  More of this will be explained in the blog side.

Tara Boyd

President of my own life