Bipolar Depression. Again


I was at my Psychiatrist’s today and I was diagnosed with full blown depression – the result of coming down from the manic episode the last time I was in the hospital. It all makes sense now and I can’t believe I didn’t recognize my own symptoms. I should be totally embarrassed as all the classic signs were there.

Part of me feels like it hasn’t been long since I last went through depression and I’m not ready for that dark road again.

To address this, my Dr. has changed up my meds again. I’m so looking forward to getting used to new doses and new meds. We are introducing Wellbutrin to the regime alongside the pre-existing Zoloft. That’s two anti-depressants. When I questioned whether this was good for me considering I’m bipolar I, he said “it’s a risk we have to take”.

So what exactly is this risk? Mainly that I could go into full mania or rapid mood cycling (four or more episodes of depression mania or hypomania in one year). I spend a lot of time in manias and have rapid mood cycling anyway so why the heck not?

One article by PsychCentral said that people have a greater risk of manic symptoms if they have the following: 
• Bipolar I
• Female
• Frequent mood shifts (e.g. monthly or more often)
• It happened before
• It happened to someone in your family
• Someone in your family has bipolar disorder
• Your first depression was between the ages of 18 &24
• You’ve had a post-partum depression
• You’ve been psychotic without street drugs…/

Instead of worrying about the potential impact of the anti-depressants, I think I will remain calm and keep a positive attitude. This is a journey I am on. It may be different than others but it is the one I was meant to take

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