Bye Bye Ativan

A couple of weeks ago my Psychiatrist took me off Ativan and put me on Clonazepam instead. He said Clonazepam would be less addictive. Reluctantly I made the switch. Ativan you see, got me through some really tough times over the past year.

When I was at the height of my depression and anxiety a year ago, I couldn’t go out in public for fear of people. I would shake continuously, had the sweats, racing heart and randomly urinated myself. That’s right urinated myself.

Ativan took most of this away. I say most because I still had to take some extra doses here and there. For example our cottage is on an island and getting across by boat with the two dogs by myself sometimes causes anxiety.

Tonight however, after two weeks of Clonazepam I felt no anxiety and given the circumstances I very well should have. It was gale force winds. I got my boat out only a few metres before it nearly capsized so I had to turnaround. The dogs were so scared they were trying to jump out of the boat.

Only after I was safe at the in laws did I think “wow, at no point did I need to pop an Ativan for this!” #proudbipolarmoment

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