#GetLoud for Mental Health

It’s the start of mental health week and mental health should be important to us all because we all have it – so let’s #GetLoud for CMHA!

If 1 in 5 of us have a mental illness, 5 in 5 have mental
health!  Mental health consists of:

  • Our own self-esteem
  • Our stress / distress levels
  • How we feel about ourselves and others

Why do I believe in CMHA so much?  I have had to rely on them twice.  My current caseworker is very knowledgeable
with local support groups and programs and does her best to get me into them as
fast as she can.  She has guided me to a
diabolical nurse because of the weight gain from the lithium and always has
tips and tricks up her sleeve for me.  I
first met my caseworker while I was in the hospital and it’s been a great
relationship ever since.

How I am going to #GetLoud during the campaign?

  • Plan distress tolerance practices for myself
    (likely mindfulness and the gym)
  • Continue to lobby people of influence for
    changes to the mental illness system

And just as a quick update on my own personal #GetLoud, last
night I received an email from the President & CEO OF CAMH, acknowledging
the issues I presented and assured me they too are trying to work with the
government on similar solutions.  But she
was glad to have read my story as emails like that are always proof for what they
are fighting for.  It was a reassuring

Check out more information on CMHA’s website:


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