My Advocacy

I have been appealing to our local, provincial and federal governments lately. I truly believe our mental health system is broken and I’m asking for support to fix it.

Lack of Psychiatrists – I am told our local hospital is short a number of Psychiatrists right now. They were only down 2 when I had to wait 9 months to see a Psychiatrist. Perhaps we could get some sort of triage in place. Additionally, if someone is admitted to the emergency’s Crisis Intervention Team a few times and medications are being managed that way, I don’t’ think this is very good practice

Cost of therapy – local groups that provide therapy to bridge the gap until a Psychiatrist want outrageous fees. Right now they are based on income but they include disability in this equation. I believe we should review the equation and look at capping fees

Cost of medications – it is understandable why so many do not take medications because of the costs (one anti-psychotic “Abilify” just came out with a generic version which will help reduce the costs for many). But if the government is willing to provide free medications to the <18 and >65, why wouldn’t we look at this for mental health?

Wait time for Programs – local support programs have lengthy wait times to get in. This includes outpatient programs too. I feel the intake program could be tightened up a little. Also, my CMHA worker submitted my application to a local support group within my community. However, when I received the call they said my intake appointment is not for another two months! Intake is just paperwork – I’m sure we can move this faster.

I have started advocating for mental health as much as humanly possible. The only ground I am gaining on this is in our local mayoral candidates.
I have asked for help from (real) Canadian mental health advocates and celebrities but I am getting no response. I feel like everyone wants to say they support it by talking about mental health, but no one is helping fix it.

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